Automatic Oil Tank Gauging System

Automatic Oil Tank Gauging System

Roucom Automatic Oil Tank Gauging System allows you to obtain the oil level, water level, temperature, inventory volume, restocking (Delivery) and sales information easily whenever and wherever you are. The accurate and timely measurement enhances the quality of control and greatly improves efficiency. Ours can interface with back office management software through smart console, thus achieving a one-stop management process.

Key Features

  • Digital Color Touch-Screen GraphicMonitor
  • Real-time monitoring of oil and water levels and temperature.
  • Support up to a max of 12 probes.
  • Support 6 probes standard configuration.
  • Tank calibration.
  • Magnetostrictive Probe
  • The probe is easy to install and simple to operate. The 2" oil and water floaters are designed to work in most kinds of tanks. Suitable for measure gasoline, diesel and specified light oils. Realtime monitoring ensures safety


  • Inventory Report.
    Delivery (Restocking) Report.
    Shift Report.
    Diagnostic Report.
    Alarm History Report
  • It has online diagnostic capability.