Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management System

An integrated web-based Hotel Management System that seeks to put operations of all departments in a centralized database where processes flow efficiently and as quickly as the click of a mouse with the aim of maximizing productivity and controlling revenue.

Challenges with Paper Processes in Hotel Management

The tradition of manual pen and paper processes in the management of hotels comes with a lot of challenges as highlighted below:

  • Difficulties in generating periodic and ad-hoc reports.
  • High Cost of paper and Printing
  • Costly errors at restaurant, front office etc.
  • Lack of data security and integrity
  • Double or over-booking
  • Time-consuming processes.
  • Poor revenue monitoring.
  • Reduced efficiency and produtivity.

Features of Hotel Management Software

  • Front office: Booking & Reservation (Advance booking, Group booking, Group advance booking)
  • - Admin: Creates user account and access levels, create rooms, set prices, set Vat, currency, discount.
  • Stores Management: stocks, supply requsts, monitors stock.
  • Point of Sale System for Bar & Restaurant: sales from bar and restaurant use this POS integrated into the accounts.
  • Laundry: Manages the laundry and connected to the accounts
  • Kitchen: procurement, Units of measurement, costing food.
  • Accounting and finance: set currency, VAT, General Ledger, Currency Convertor, single chart, multiple chart,
  • Staff shift management
  • Room Servie
  • Finance Report:
    stock value summary cash account
    Bank account
    Ledger account
    Balance sheet
    Profit & Loss
    Tax summary
    Purchase account
  • Front Office Report:
    Daily guest allocation
    Arrivals and departure
    Hotel status report
    Guest reservation report
    Guest summary
    Item stock report
    Date wise stock report