Centralised Call Center Solutions

IP-PBX Systems

Communication can be a tricky concept to master within an organization, particularly one with complex levels and multiple issues. At Roucom Technologies we advice every potential client to invest in a software-based IP PBX because it makes both financial and good business sense and bring to your business cost savings in management, maintenance, and phone call , plus additional cost benefits from added efficiencies.

Benefits of IP-PBX System

  • Save Money: The main purpose of a PBX is to save the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone company's central office.
  • Speak, call, ring, repeat!: PBX telephone systems are highly functional and allow for a better communication flow between department and staff resulting in a more coordinated working process.
  • Mobility: work from anywhere!: PBX systems place international and long-distant calls through the Internet which makes it extremely flexible to work from many different locations.
  • Nail it then scale it: As your business grows and call volumes rise, you can add more features and increase capacity on demand without having to install new lines or keep customers waiting in lengthy queues.

Why Choose Roucom

Roucom Technology Solutions has been established as a trusted
Technology Partner. Working closely with our clients allows us to act
in their best interest over the long term. Our dedicated staff
have a combined experience of more than 70 years.

  • We use the solution we offer as a point for referral. We shall therefore give you the best of service.
  • We keep an eagle eye on tech trend to adjust our solutions to fit modern business challenges
  • Our recruitment policy is hire the best in the first attempt. Your work certainly will be carefully handled by experienced hands.

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